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Spanish Night

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The program is composed of two different parts: 

1st part  

-The horse show (“Ritmo a Caballo”) as explained before, every Wednesday at 5:45 pm. 

2nd part
-When the horse show has finnished, we go to the restaurant / “venta” “Romeral del Rocío”, only eight minutes away from “El Ranchito”.
On arrival you will be welcomed by two andalusian “señoritas” who will offer a glass of sangria and spanish omelette to everybody, and a carnation to the ladies.
When seated, the two “señoritas” will dance a “Sevillana”, and the dinner will be served. 

The menu is:
• Salad
• Creamy tomato-soup
• Pork loin served with sliced potatoes, rice and mushroomsauce
• Icecream cake
• White- and redwine with the food and one glass of cava with the desert
(vegetarian menu availible on request – no extra cost) 

At the end of the dinner the flamenco-show starts. It is composed of both traditional and modern spanish - and flamenco dance. 

The show lasts for about one hour, and at the end the clients will be invited to show their abilities in flamenco dancing. 

The evening is over at roughly 10:15 pm. 

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