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The history of El Ranchito

The best Andalucian Horseshow on the Costa del Sol

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“El Ranchito” opened it’s doors in the 60’s, and it was the first riding school in Torremolinos. 

In 1975 José Gonzalez, a well known expert horse trainer and horseriding teacher, bought “El Ranchito” and years later he decided to create a horseshow with andalusian horses trained by him. 

In 1993 he started with his first horse show which he called “Ritmo a Caballo” (Rhythm on horseback”). He built a special covered rink where the clients could be seated comfortably whatching the show getdctrees.org. Due to the great success, a few years later he decided to expand the emclosed capacity from it’s originally 200 seats to it’s now 550 seats.

The spectacular depends on six horseriders (five men and one woman) performing in the show; José Gonzalez, his son José Carlos, his daughter Noelia, and three more horseriders. Apart from them there are four “señoritas” who appear on horseback with the male horseriders in some of the acts. 

In 2000 the “Feria del Sur” was created as a complementary program for the horse show. This includes dinner and a flamenco show for those who would like to assist. 

Since we started with our two programs we have not recived one single complaint from our clients. We can guarantee a total client satisfaction.

Andalusian Horse Show

Every Wednesday at 5:45 pm. 

The show lasts one and a half hour, with a ten minute break, and is composed of five different parts: 


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